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Why am I not able to find a driver for my smart card reader on this site?

  • Your Gemalto product is customer specific, meaning that the driver itself has specifically been designed for this device. It may concern some readers or tokens used with banking applications. In such a case, ask your solution provider (bank, others...) for the appropriate driver.
  • Still not able to find a driver? You can also get it manually from the Microsoft Update Catalog site (especially if the automatic update feature has been disabled in your system, due to some group policies restrictions for example), by following this procedure.


  • From the device manager view, double click the smart card reader to open the properties panel:
  • Click the "Details" tab then choose "Hardware Ids" in the "Property" list. In Value, you will find the Vendor and Product ID that will be used on the Microsoft site to search for the appropriate driver (if any):
  • Launch Internet Explorer and go to catalog.update.microsoft.com (you may be prompted to install a plug-in), enter your VID_XXXX&PID_YYYY reference in the search field, then click "Search"
  • The search will return all driver versions corresponding to your device, including former versions, if any. Of course, we recommend to always get the latest one available for your system. All these drivers have been signed and certified by Microsoft to be safely used with your system:
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