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Which version of the minidriver specifications does my IDPrime .NET smart card comply to?

Applies to

All versions of IDPrime .NET cards


To know which functions are supported by your Gemalto IDPrime .NET cards, you can check the version of Microsoft minidriver (MD) specifications version they comply to.

You can check the MD version easily by using the Gemalto Device Administration Service portal  at https://das.gemalto.com/trial/user/. When your card is inserted, the minidriver version is provided under "Device Information" in the 'Minidriver Assembly Version' row of the shown table.


In general, the version of specifications supported by the latest Gemalto IDPrime .NET card is specified on the product page (http://www.gemalto.com/products/dotnet_card/)

More information


Information on the different minidriver specifications versions can be found on the Microsoft website.

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