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Where do I get the PBE password for PSKC provisioning?

Applies to

SA Server 5.2/IDConfirm 1000


Before batch-provisioning purchased devices such as The IDProve time and event based contactless tokens (Easy v3) the customer should receive two emails, both with zip files. One has the XML provisioning file and the other has the PBE password. Both zip files are password protected and the zip password is in the body of the email. Open both zips, copy the PBE password from the txt file, then batch provision with the XML file. When ordering two different email addresses are usually required for delivery.

More information

Portable Symmetric Key Container (PSKC) is a standardized XML-based document for transporting symmetric keys and key related meta data. Provisioning is the process of populating a connected smart card device with keys and other updates necessary to enable the card to be activated and used. The PBE Password-Based Encryption) is used to generate the key that can decrypt the shared secrets in the PSKC file.

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