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What is the role of the "Register All" button in the Classic Client Toolbox?

Applies to

All Classic Client versions on Microsoft Operating Systems


Classic Client uses a proprietary tool, the Registration Tool (regtool.exe) to register the card certificates in the Microsoft Certificate Store.

The Registration Tool adds the certificates to the store at the card insertion and deletes them at the card removal.

If you click on the Register All button in the Classic Client Toolbox it will force the definitive registration of all the certificates in the store. Certificates will never be removed.

The use of this button is limited to very few cases. It is recommended not to use it if everything works correctly.

More information

When renewing your card or certificates you get new certificates very similar to the previous ones. If you have clicked on Register All, both new and old certificates will be present in the Microsoft Certificate store.

Some applications can mix up certificates and state that your certificates are expired. If so please go to: I have just renewed my card / certificates and I cannot use it.


Modifications to the operating system can lead to unrecoverable errors. Modifications are reserved to advanced users. If you do not feel confident we recommend creating a System Restore Point before performing changes.

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