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What is the license.lic file, what does it do, and where is it located?

Applies to

SA Server v4 / IDConfirm 1000 4 and earlier


The license.lic file is required when installing SA Server/IDConfirm 1000.  This file dictates how many tokens can be provisioned into the SA Server/IDConfirm 1000 database.  When the maximum number of tokens has been surpassed, SA Server/IDConfirm 1000 will not start, and a new .lic file must be created to accommodate the additional tokens.

default path:

C:\Program Files\Gemalto\SAServer\AuthenticationServer\webapps\saserver\WEB-INF\classes


To replace this file in SA Server v5/IDConfirm 1000 5, this is now done via the Setup Portal, where the license can be updated more simply.

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