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What tools are available to test the IDPrime .NET card?

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IDPrime .NET card


The ID Prime .NET Evaluation kit can be purchased from the Gemalto boutique.

There is couple of tools available to examine the card content on Gemalto website at http://www.gemalto.com/products/dotnet_card/resources/development.html?toggler=0

The IDPrime .NET Smart Card Framework SDK tool can be used mainly for the development of the IDPrime .NET card assemblies. This tool allows users to view card content, manage the card's assemblies, data files, and directories, manage authentication according to the requirements of the current Access Manager and create or delete services on the card. It includes rich set of developer guidelines, sample code.

Minidriver manager is a tool that allows to display the certificate information, delete the certificates, change the PIN, unblock the PIN, change the PIN policy, etc. The tool is provided as-is and is not supported as a standard Gemalto product.

The product catalog can be used to obtain the latest news around IDPrime .NET solution.

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