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If I remove my certificates from the Firefox store, they are removed from the card.

Applies to

All Classic Client versions on any operating system


Two main APIs are used to talk to smart cards, the Cryptographic API (CAPI) from Microsoft and Cryptoki, specified by the PKCS#11 standard from RSA.

Applications using CAPI (like Internet Explorer) access the cards certificates through the Microsoft Certificate Store where they are cached. On the contrary, applications using the Cryptoki API (like Firefox) have no cache and directly access the certificates inside the card.

When you look at your certificates in Firefox you directly access the card, not a certificate cache. This is why you can remove the certificate from the card if your card personalization allows it.

More information

This also explains why you are asked to enter your PIN code when you try to see your certificates in Firefox.


Modifications to the operating system can lead to unrecoverable errors. Modifications are reserved to advanced users. If you do not feel confident we recommend creating a System Restore Point before performing changes.

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