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Updated: 16/10/2014
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Readme for USB CCID PC/SC driver for Windows CE 5.0.

Readme for USB CCID PC/SC driver

Gemplus CCID Smart card reader drivers for Windows CE 5.0.
Version, November 2005.
See license.txt for End-User License Agreement.

This readme file is specifically written for the above-mentioned
driver version. Before proceeding, you might want to check whether a
later driver version is available from support.gemplus.com


   0. Description
   1. Platform Builder notes
   2. Release notes
   3. User notes (Known deviations)
   4. Troubleshooting
   5. Support

0. Description
  This package contains the CCID device driver for all Gemplus CCID (and only) smart card readers.
  With this package, you can:
    * (more dedicated to end-users)
      Add the support for a Gemplus CCID smart card readers to an existing x86 based Windows CE 4.x or 5.0 device.
      NOTE : this device MUST have the USB and SMCLIB layers installed !
    * (more dedicated to integrators)
      Add the support for a Gemplus CCID smart card readers to your Windows CE 4.x platform you are currently building with
      Platform Builder.

  It requires:
    * A WinCE 5.0 platform based on a x86 processor architecture,
    * A Gemplus CCID reader
  This package has been successfully tested on a Windows CE 5.0 CEPC with the following
  Gemplus CCID smart card readers :
    * GemPC Twin (USB)
    * GemPC USB-SL
    * GemPC Key
    * Gem e-Seal
    * Gemplus Keyboard USB Pro

  If you intend to use this driver with a different configuration (such as a non x86 platform), please contact the support
  at the address indicated at the very end of this document.

1. Platform Builder notes
  USB and SMCLIB layers have to be manually included into the Platform Builder project. In order to use these layers
  you have to include :
      a) SmartCard Component
      b) SCM Microsystem SCR300 - USB Smart Card Reader
      c) USB Host Component (UHCI). This component can only be included if 1.b) has been done.
  Then you can include GemCCID.dll and GemCCID1005.reg into PB project.
  GemCCID1005.reg declares the GemPCTwin, GemPCUSB and GemPCKey readers.
  This file has to be included into the Platform Builder project if you want the Gemplus CCID smartcard reader to be
  automatically recognized by the platform when plugged in. Otherwise, Windows CE will prompt you for a filename,
  type in "gemccid" in this case.

2. Release notes
  Version  This is the initial driver version.
  Version  The modifications done on the driver do not modify functional behaviour. Only registering
  method has been modified.
  Version  WinCE 5.0 version. This driver used the last Microsoft library files and it is no more WinCE 4.x compliant.

3 - User notes (known deviations)
    Cold Reset Delay Option is not used by the driver. Whatever the value,
    the driver will not apply any delay during Cold Reset.

4. Troubleshooting
    When an USB composite device, such as a keyboard with an embbeded smart card, is plugged, only one USB device is functionnal.
    This is a known limitation for Windows CE versions <= 4.1, Windows CE 4.2 or 5.0 must be used instead.

5. Processor Supported

The driver is only provided for x86 platform. But it can be compiled for the following platform :

XScale      : PXA25x, PXA26x, PXA27x & IXP4xx
SH4         : Hitachi SH4 & STMicro ST40
SH3         : No supported.
MIPS IV FP  : MIPS64 (5kF, 20kC) ; Nec VR5432 & VR5500
MIPS IV     : MIPS (5Kc)
MIPS II FP  : Nec VR43xx; Toshiba Tx49xx & Tx79xx
MIPS II     : MIPS32 (4Kc,4Kec) ; Nec VR41xx & VR43xx; AMD AU1xxx
ARMV4I      : ARM ARM72x,ARM92x,ARM102x ; Intel StrongArm et XScale; Motorola DragonBall MX1; Neomagic NMS72xx; Samsung S3C24xx
X86         : National Geode SC1100, SC1200, SC2200, SC3200, GX1/CS5530 & GXM ; STMMicro STPC Consumer II, Elite, Atlas & Vega ;
          VIA MII, C3 & Eden.

Please contact Gemplus Support for any request about these platfoms.