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I have a "No certificate store found" error or "Unable to find a certificate store" when trying to sign with eSigner

Applies to

eSigner 3.X versions


This error often occurs when the Classic Client libraries are not able to register the certificates into the certificate store. Go to the Classic Client troubleshooter to make sure that Classic Client works properly.

If Classic Client is functional the error can be due to a permission issue, on Windows Vista and 7 this can be solved by adding the website to the trusted sites and disabling the Protected Mode for trusted sites. On other operating systems the process monitor tool can be used to see where the permission issue is.

More Information

Mozilla Firefox does not use the Microsoft certificate store. A workaround to this issue can be the use of this browser.


Modifications to the operating system can lead to unrecoverable errors. Modifications are reserved to advanced users. If you do not feel confident we recommend creating a System Restore Point before performing changes.

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