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Does the IDPrime.NET card support single sign-on?

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IDPrime .NET card


 The SSO feature is available in the latest versions (v7 and later) of the IDPrime .NET card. When the SSO feature is enabled, you need to logon once only during a session as long as the .NET card is not reset.


The effect of activating SSO differs according to the Windows operating system.

Windows 7: If using the optional Gemalto credential provider (CP), the user needs to present the user PIN once only during a session (such as logging on) as long as the IDPrime .NET card is not removed or reset. If the user is using the standard Microsoft CP, SSO is not supported for smart card logon (but is supported for other operations, such as digital signature).

Vista SP1 and later: The optional Gemalto CP is not available for Vista. If SSO is activated, the behavior it can be used with the standard Microsoft CP but not for smart card logon.

XP and Vista (before SP1): SSO is not supported.

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