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How is the IDPrime .NET Bio card different from the IDPrime .NET card?

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IDPrime .NET card, IDPrime .NET Bio card


The IDPrime .NET Bio card comes with an additional component that manages the fingerprint verification. This is the "on card" module for the Biometrics Unit (Engine and storage adaptors). It stores the biometric credentials and implements the matching algorithm used to verify fingerprints.

Gemalto IDPrime .NET Bio Solution enables fingerprint Match-on-Card user authentication as an alternative or complement to smart card PIN verification. This in turn gives access to the digital certificates on the card that can then be used for logon, digital signature, file encryption, secure VPN access among other services. This solution provides a secure two or three factor authentication system that is convenient for users, easy to deploy and manage, and fully compatible with the smart card security components available in Windows Operating Systems.

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