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I get a 'CODE 12' error when I want to install a PC Card reader on my laptop.

This error often occurs because of an IRC conflict between the GemPC Card and another device installed on your system. This is not due to the Gemalto reader but to a bad configuration of the BIOS system developped by your computer manufacturer.
Contact your manufacturer for more information.

It is usually very difficult to determine which devices are in conflict. One method is to deactivate devices one by one in the BIOS to figure out which one creates the conflict.
You can try this method but note that this is risky and Gemalto does not assume the responsability of any misfunctioning that could occur after doing this.
Refer to your motherboard documentation or request your manufacturer for the appropriate document about activation/deactivation of devices in the BIOS.

Devices that are known to be a potential source of conflict: IRDA, MiniPCI slot, Modem, LAN controller ...
Note also that you will need to reboot your computer after each deactivation of a device.

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