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How to integrate IDPrime .NET smart card in your system and applications?

Applies to

All versions of IDPrime .NET cards


Gemalto provides a SDK and an integration guide for its IDPrime .NET cards. Those are available for download under 'Download' on the IDPrime .NET product webpage (http://www.gemalto.com/products/dotnet_card/index.html).

In the integration guide, you can find the description of the available functions at the API level. The functions at API level can be called thanks to the Minidriver .dll that is provided with the IDPrime .NET card.

IDPrime .NET card can also be integrated directly through APDU calls. The Hivecodes table in the integration guide provides the APDU code that correspond to a given API method. The APDU encoding chapter describes how to form the APDU call using the Hivecode.

More information

More information on the supported methods are available in the minidriver specifications on the Microsoft website.

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