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How to enable SConnect on SA Server/IDConfirm 1000?

Applies to

SA Server 5.x/IDConfirm 1000 5


SConnect enables web applications to access smart cards, which contain a user's private information. The Connection Key is a security mechanism to control the usage of SConnect and, hence, control web application’s access to the smart card. For a SA Server/IDConfirm 1000 installation to use SConnect, the website needs to have a valid Connection Key, and the customer to sign a SConnect license agreement with Gemalto. Please contact your Gemalto Technical consultant or Sales Representative in order to get the sconnect key. You will need to provide the following:
   i. The name of the organization
   ii. Domain of the website on which you will use SConnect
   iii. Contact person’s name, email address, and phone number
   iv. A valid SSL certificate for the domain
   v. The duration of the period you are requesting.

More information

You can test SConnect features by using the localhost URL in your web browser, as SConnect key is not required for localhost connections

SConnect for SA Server 4.x does not require a connection key. As a consequence if you plan to upgrade your SA Server installation, be sure to get a connection key before you migrate to SA Server 5.x

The SConnect Connection Key should be copied in: [SA Server install dir]\AuthenticationServer\webapps\ROOT\

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