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How to change the default database login/password in SAServer/IDConfirm 1000 configuration

Applies to

SAServer/IDConfirm 1000


When installing SAServer for the first time you are able to specify, through the web interface ‘SetupPortal’, the user and his password for the connection to a database. But, after this setup, if the user or his password are changed in the database, you cannot anymore log on SAServer and  cannot change the configuration through web interface. The unique solution is to do the modifications in the configuration files:

So, firstly shutdown SAServer.

Then, edit the hibernate.cfg.xml file in  [SA_HOME]\AuthenticationServer\webapps\saserver\WEB-INF\classes\sas_config.

Modify these lines to match the current database configuration:

            <property name="connection.username">xxxxxx</property>

<property name="connection.password">xxxxxx</property>

Restart SA Server.

More information

Other database connection information can be changed here such as the address of the database server, … Do not modify them except if you are sure of what you do.

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