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How to change the database password when installing SAServer/ID Confirm 1000 in the default mode

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SAServer / ID Confirm 1000


In the default installation mode SAServer installs an embedded database named Firebird and configures it with a default username & password. You can change the password to a more complex one by using the command GSEC.

So, firstly shutdown SAServer.

In [SASERVER_HOME]\3rdParty\Firebird-*\bin; launch the command GSEC, and modify the password as described below:

>gsec -user protiva -password protiva

GSEC> modify protiva -pw d45X'1vb

GSEC> quit

Then, edit the hibernate.cfg.xml file in  [SA_HOME]\AuthenticationServer\webapps\saserver\WEB-INF\classes\sas_config,  and  modify these lines to match the new database configuration:

            <property name="connection.username">protiva</property>

<property name="connection.password">d45X'1vb</property>

Restart SA Server.

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