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How can I register the PKCS#11 library in the Firefox?

Applies to

IDPrime .NET card


To configure Firefox to recognize the PKCS#11 security module:

  1. Make sure your card/token is connected.
  2. Open the Mozilla Firefox browser and from the Tools menu choose Options.
  3. Click the Advanced icon, then the Encryption tab.
  4. In Certificates, choose one of the options for the action to take when a web site requires a certificate:

    • Select one automatically
    • Ask me every time

  5. Click Security Devices to display the Device Manager window. This displays the modules currently available.
  6. Click the Load button to the right in the dialog. This displays the Load PKCS#11 Device window.
  7. Enter a Module Name.
  8. In Module filename, use the Browse button to select the .dll file as follows:

    • C:\Program Files\Gemalto\DotNet PKCS11\gtop11dotnet.dll - for 32-bit versions of Windows
    • C:\Program Files\Gemalto\DotNet PKCS11\gtop11dotnet64.dll - for 64-bit versions of Windows

  9. Click OK. The "Confirm" dialog appears asking if you are sure that you want to install the security module.
  10. Click OK.
    A brief progress dialog appears indicating that the module is being loaded. When this is completed an "Alert" indicates that the module has been installed.
  11. Click OK to close this Alert. The Device Manager indicates the presence of the new module.
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