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How do you change the application's URL or Port (enable SSL) without reinstalling the IDConfirm 1000 (SA Server)?

Applies to

SA Server/ID Confirm 1000  - 5.1, 5.2, 5.3


To enable 443 port (https) in SA Server application you don't need to reinstall it, because this option is available inside the setup portal.

To access the setup portal, please login under SA administrator ID credentials inside the admin portal http://xxx/saserver/adminportal and click on setup portal link from home page (last link from left menu).

Please find the application server setting section from Setup Portal Menu on the left. Edit the SA Server URL section and upload the correct CA certificate.cer registered to the domain issued by the server where application is installed. Then edit the SSL Setting section below and enable the https that will allow you to upload your certificate needed for SSL that is issued by your CA for web server authentication. After the confirmation of changed URL and new SSL port, apply the configuration settings for the setup portal page.

See an example screenshot below:

More information

Certificate should be trusted and the server address needs to match on the issued certificate.

Certificate errors can cause problems in the application especially when doing batch provisioning. For more information on certificate errors please see a link: http://windows.microsoft.com/is-IS/internet-explorer/certificate-errors-faq#ie=ie-9.

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