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How to edit the list of configuration files that can be edited through the SA Server/IDConfirm 1000 Customer Care Portal

Applies to

SA Server/IDConfirm 1000 5.2 and above


The SA Server IDConfirm 1000 stores some configuration information like email or SMS template in configuration files. These configuration files can be edited through the System Administration > Manage System Settings > Other Settings interface of the Customer Care Portal:

To edit the list of configuration files that can be viewed or edited through this interface, modify the following file: [SASERVER_HOME]\AuthenticationServer\webapps\saserver\WEB-INF\classes\replaceable-files.properties

1.file.display.name = Mail engine settings

1.file.path = /mail.properties


2.file.display.name = Generate virtual OTP email template

2.file.path = /genVOTP.email.xml


3.file.display.name = Generate virtual OTP SMS template

3.file.path = /genVOTP.sms.xml


4.file.display.name = Self-generate virtual OTP email template

4.file.path = /selfGenVOTP.email.xml


5.file.display.name = Self-generate virtual OTP SMS template

5.file.path = /selfGenVOTP.sms.xml


6.file.display.name = Request OTP by SMS template

6.file.path = /genSMSOTP.sms.xml


7.file.display.name = Confirmation email template

7.file.path = /confirmation.email.xml


8.file.display.name = Database connection pool settings

8.file.path = /treecache.xml


9.file.display.name = Security engine settings

9.file.path = /ccslogin.conf


10.file.display.name=Download URL SMS template



11.file.display.name=Mobile Download URL Email template



12.file.display.name=Mobile Numeric Code Email template



13.file.display.name=Request OTP by SMS with OCRA template



# update the count whenever a new file is added


The order is defined by the item number XX.file.display.name and XX.file.path. XX.file.display.name is the name to be displayed on the interface and XX.file.path the relative path to the file.

When a file item is added or deleted, do not forget to update the replaceable-files.count at the end of the file to match the number of item.

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