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Smartcard logon failing using a CL3000 reader

Using Windows 7/8 and a dual interface smartcard, the smartcard logon with the contactless interface fails when inserting the card first in the contact reader then in the contactless one. "Certificates not found" error is displayed.

Typical scenario:

1) Smart card logon in contact less
2) Card is removed and session is locked
3) Unlock the session using the contact interface of the Prox-DU --> Fails error
message shown is " The requested Key container does not exist on the smart card"
4) unlock the session in contact less --> OK

In fact, Winlogon is not able to use the same card consecutively (same card id) with 2 different protocols (here T=0 vs T=CL).
You may reproduce the problem whatever the first protocol is (Logon CT <-> Logon CTL) and with any smartcard that supports the 2 protocols.

On the other hand, if the smartcard is T=1, there will be no problem since it is equivalent to T=CL.

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