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CL3000 firmware update is failing

First check the CL3000 revision history "X": it is the P/N code printed on the label on the back of your reader => HWP-----X

With revision A, a dedicated file should be used to download the latest firmware version. Ask this file to Gemalto.

With revision B and later versions, use the firmware update tool available on CL3000 page of our support site. In case of problem, another USB HID device is probably preventing the download tool to work properly. Remove all other HID devices connected to your computer (except for mouse and keyboard).

If the issue is still present, (for rev B and later), perform the recover process:

- Open the CL3000 casing with a screw driver

- Push the internal switch S1 while plugging the CL3000 USB connector into the computer.

- Then release the switch.

- Perform the download operation normally.

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