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Can I use PIN Pad for Secure Pin Entry for IDPrime .Net card?

Applies to

All .Net cards versions


Yes and No.  The default PIN Verify command of .Net card is not ISO 7816-4 compliant. Therefore if you insert a .Net card into PIN PAD reader and try to Verify PIN through Base CSP interface the device will be used in the transparent mode.  However since minidriver card assembly version 7.0 (OS release 2+) the .Net supports both; a default PIN Verify and ISO 7816-4 Verify commands. This ISO command is available either in the direct mode; as APDU command sent directly to the card through PC/SC layer from an application level, or through PKCS#11 (for External User PIN only) . The minimum version of the PKCS#11 driver that supports SPE of  .Net card is 2.1.2. 

More information

How to send APDU command through PC/SC layer please refer to PC/SC documentation for a peculiar platform.

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