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Can I force the PIN change action at the first IDPrime .Net card use?

Applies to

All .Net cards versions higher than v2


Yes and No.  Since  minidriver card  assembly version (OS release 2+) and axaltocm.dll version 8.2.0 the .Net supports the feature change PIN at first use.  This feature can be defined for each individual user PIN role using the 'CP_CARD_CHANGE_PIN_FIRST' card property. (The 'flags' parameter indicates the PIN identifier.)  In order to utilize this feature Gemalto IDGo 500/800 CP must be installed on the PC.

More information

The documentation: NET Smart Cards in a Windows Environment Administration and User Guide.pdf available on Gemalto public website www.gemalto.com/products/dotnet_card/resources/technical_doc.html

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