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After migration from SAS 4.0/IDConfirm 1000 4 to SAS 5.2/IDConfirm 1000 5.2 authentication fails after successful migration.

Applies to

SA Server 4.0 b14/IDConfirm 1000 4, SA Server 5.2 b68/IDConfirm 1000 5


This error can occur because the keystore is missing and was not copied from the SAS 4 config file to the upgrade.

For some reason the keystore path of SKOATH has been flagged as an "external" keystore during migration, even though it was present in 4.0 in the default "install path/KeyStore" folder. But after migration, the path in SKOATH is "../protiva.keystore" but the file was not copied.

Workaround: manually copy protiva.keystore from the backup folder into the "classes/sas_config" folder.

More information

The migration from SAS 4/IDConfirm 1000 4 to SAS 5.2/IDConfirm 100 5 is successful with no errors.  The only way to discover this issue is to test authentication with several tokens that were functioning correctly before the migration.  You should get a generic  "authentication failed" error.  Check STDOUT.log for errors.

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