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Updated: 07/10/2014
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ID Prime .NET troubleshooting step-by-step guide



Apply this procedure to check that your ID Prime .NET configuration is functional. Applicable from Windows XP.


  • Under Windows XP, the Microsoft Base CSP shall be installed to support the ID Prime .NET card. In Vista, 7 and 2008 server it is already a part of the system.
  • Ensure that your smart card is inserted in the reader before you start this procedure.

Check the reader installation

Run Smartdiag utility software from the Windows main menu and check that your reader and smartcard are both detected. In case you do not have already installed, download and install the software here.

dot net 5

Check the smartcard service properties, it should be in the following state "The smartcard service is available for use":

If the above conditions are not verified, please jump to the smartcardreader troubleshooting guide first.

Check that the smartcard is correctly recognized as a ID Prime .NET card

With the Smartdiag tool, your smartcard shall appear as an "Axalto Cryptoflex .NET" card. If the card type is " Unregistered card", your card is not recognized as a valid ID Prime .NET card.


In such a case, there are several possibilities :

  1. The Microsoft Base CSP is not installed
  2. The smartcard Minidriver is not installed (except for XP, the Minidriver being included in the Base CSP).
  3. The smartcard is damaged
  • Check that the Base CSP is available in the list of installed programs in your system.
    • Windows XP:

      Start >> Settings >> Control Panel >> Add or Remove Programs


    • Windows Vista or Seven:

      The Base CSP is already installed. However, you may check the presence of the dynamic library basecsp.dll under the directory c:\windows\system32 for 32 bit system and additionally under c:\windows\syswow64 for 64 bit system.

      If this is not the case, update your system with the Microsoft package KB909520. Get the package corresponding to your system type here

  • Check that the smartcard minidriver is correctly installed.
    • Windows XP:

      The smartcard minidriver is embedded in the Base CSP. If your Base CSP is correctly installed, proceed to next step (reading the card using Minidriver Manager or Card Explorer tool) in order to verify that the smartcard can be correctly read.

    • Windows Vista or Seven:

      Check the presence of the DLL axaltocm.dll under:

      • c:\windows\system32 for a 32 bit system.
      • c:\windows\system32 and c:\windows\syswow64 for a 64 bit system.
    • If the DLL is missing the minidriver shall be installed:

      • Get the appropriate Minidriver depending on your system version from Microsoft Update Catalog site. Use the keywords "Gemalto" and "minidrive" to search for the right minidriver in the Microsoft database.

      If the smartcard appears in the device manager, you may also use Windows Update to install or update the minidriver for your card:


Assuming that both the base CSP and the minidriver have been installed correctly, you may now go to next step to check the smartcard content.

Read ID Prime .NET smartcard using the Minidriver Manager Tool (free tool)

  • The Minidriver Manager can be downloaded here
    1. After installation, launch the Minidriver Manager: Start >> Programs >> Gemalto >> MiniDriver Manager
    2. In order to access the smartcard, click on "Connect" button:


    3. Select the reader where the card is inserted then click on "OK":


    4. The content and properties of your card should be accessible like in this screenshot of the Minidriver Manager. Please note that you can change or unlock the PIN code of your ID Prime .NET smartcard using Minidriver Manager.

If you purchased the Gemalto ID Prime .NET SDK from the Webstore, you may alternatively use the Card Explorer to check the card content. If this is the case, go to next step for instructions.

Read ID Prime .NET smartcard using Card Explorer from the ID Prime .NET SDK available here

This test will require the presence of the Microsoft Base CSP on your machine. It should be downloaded and installed through Windows update for XP, 2000, 2003, for Vista and server 2008, it is already a part of the system.

  1. Launch the explorer from Start >> ID Prime .NET Smartcard Framework SDK >> 2.1.161 >> Card Explorer, and tick the icon dot net 11
  2. in the menu bar to select the reader that contains your smartcard, then OK:

    dot net 12

  3. Select now the key icon dot net 3in the menu bar and connect to your card using your admin pin code. With a non diversified code, keep the given value:

    dot net 13

  4. You should able to see the content of your smartcard, assuming you entered the right pin code:

    dot net 14

Smartcard is not responsive? Try to change the smartcard communication speed

If other (non ID Prime .NET) cards work in the reader, but your Gemalto ID Prime .NET Card does not, it may be that there is a speed negotiation conflict between the cards and your reader. If you have access to another reader on which the Gemalto ID Prime .NET Card works, you can use the CardExplorer tool to set the card to a lower communication speed. Once the Admin pin code has been presented, right click on the ID Prime .NET Smart Card in the explorer then select Properties on the menu, then in the Advanced tab you will be able to set the smartcard speed to a lower value:

  1. dot net 15
  2. dot net 16
  3. dot net 17

In case none of the above methods allows you to see the content of your ID Prime .NET smartcard, assuming that the reader installation is correct as described in the first part, there's a good chance that the non-working card is damaged and needs to be replaced.

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